Our mission: to make sure that everyone who works
at hipto is happy and arrives every day with a smile!
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hipto is this!

Figures that speak for themselves.
hipto was founded.
hipto employees are based in France and abroad.
market expertise: France, England, Spain, Mexique and Italy, and more to come soon!
hipto, pioneer of the LeadGen Conversociads©.

hipto is above all a story of friendship!

Léo and Kilian, the co-founders of hipto, have known each other since they were 14 years old!

The hipto solution was born from a mutual ambition to revolutionise lead generation. It all started with an finding! After several months of in-depth analysis of the lead generation and pre-sales experience market, Léo & Kilian – the co-founders – raised two points. Firstly, prospects are over-solicited and consider that the analysis of their needs is too often put aside. In the end, the commercial proposals they receive are not in line with their expectations. They also feel exposed because of the lack of transparency on the part of companies regarding the resale of their data, and have the feeling that they are biased by the large number of comparators that simply collect their data. Secondly, they have noticed that salespeople are struggling to get in touch with their prospects due to a lack of information on the leads they receive. A new challenge was born! Léo and Kilian decided to create hipto to respond to these different problems.

We are the generation of hyperconnection, who have never known fax or minitel, who have never lived without the internet.

hipto is also this!

These figures speak volumes about our corporate culture and the well-being of our employees.
per day on your Swile card to treat yourself.
of your transport ticket paid for by the company.
day per week per employee and full remote working abroad.
Mutual's finest with Alan Green.

is the rating given by our employees and ex-employees on Glassdoor.
is the gender parity at hipto.
Professional equality index
team buildings per year for each of our Sectors
seminars per year, in France or abroad.

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They testify for you!

I joined the hipto rocket 1 year ago to expand the sales department and of course to acquire new clients. Very quickly, I was trusted. I have the chance to be involved in the entire sales cycle of our customers. From commercial prospecting, to the first call, through the planning of an appointment to present our solution, to the signing of the contract and finally, the training of the sales representatives, brokers or telephonists who ultimately handle the leads. I consider this proximity to customers to be a real commercial advantage. For the past year, I have been lucky enough to be supported by Franck Capron who manages France alongside me, but also Julien Mezzano is in charge of the Italian market and Juan Egues Flores, for the Spanish market. The company is in hypergrowth, which is a real challenge for the sales team and we are enjoying it. In short, I would say that joining hipto is joining a family focused on the same goal!
Rihab El Moutaki
Head Of Customer Success

I joined hipto a year ago to open the Admin Unit! The objective was to structure the company around Human Resources, Finance, Office Management and Legal. From the outset, they trusted me and gave me the means to implement solutions and tools. Dealing with all these subjects was starting to be a lot for one man! Armelle recently joined me in the Division to help hipto grow and accelerate our recruitment to meet our growth objectives. The missions are as diverse as ever and I still enjoy working on subjects that are sometimes technical, sometimes lighter. As a result of hypergrowth, we will soon be welcoming other recruits to our Division, and the challenges of my job will become increasingly managerial!
Fabien Bouillet
Head Of Finance & Office Management

What sums up my career at hipto is evolution. I joined a year ago as a trainee and from the start I was allowed to express my ideas! I was able to grow in competence and get more and more responsibilities. I'm very happy to be part of the adventure
Clément Caussan
Acquisition Manager

My experience at #hipto is very pleasant, they trusted me very quickly and gave me the freedom to experiment with all my ideas!
Lionel Alavo
Graphic Designer
We are the generation of the high relationship of "right now, or else it's too late" that has made speed a way of life.

Unsolicited application

Phase #1
Video interview with Armelle, our HR Manager, to get to know each other and validate the mutual match.
Phase #2
Video interview with your future Manager to talk about your past experiences, future missions, the position and its challenges.
Phase #3
Time for the test! This is the time to show us what you are capable of during a practical test.
Phase #4
Final interview in our offices with Léo and Kilian, hipto's co-founders. It's your turn!

hipto is a growing company, which is why we are always looking for new talent. Send us your application!