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The hipto team answers your questions.

About hipto

What is a lead? A prospect?

A lead is a prospect, a business opportunity for a company that wants to acquire new customers. It is the contact of a potential customer.

What is an exclusive lead?

An exclusive lead is a contact that is sent to a company only once, i.e. under no circumstances will this lead be sent and resold to one of your competitors. At hipto, we only sell exclusive leads.

What is a mutualised lead?

A shared lead is a contact that is sent to several companies, i.e. one or more of your competitors also receives this lead and tries to convert it.

What is lead generation?

Also known as lead generation or leadgen, lead generation is a term that originated in B2B marketing. It refers to a set of marketing strategies aimed at capturing the contact details of one or more contacts after demonstrating an interest in a company’s products or services.

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing refers to all marketing actions implemented through interactive channels that allow a user to discuss with a brand: social networks, instant messaging, chatbots, etc.


The Conversociads© solution

Why hipto ?

hipto is a forward-thinking lead generation solution. We have anticipated the many changes, both on the consumer side and the market side. The digital channels and creative formats we use to collect leads correspond exactly to the new consumer habits, while the human aspect, which is very important in the customer-company relationship, has not been forgotten, quite the opposite. hipto is already in the customer relationship model of tomorrow: capitalising on social networks to reach the right audiences, using video (THE most engaging media), using conversational technologies (chatbots, AI) and providing a well-informed advisor on the consumer’s needs thanks to the collection of data for an ultra-personalized and humanized relationship.

Our mission: to revolutionise the prospect experience through a hyper-personalisation approach at every stage of the sales tunnel to maximise our clients’ conversion rates.

What is Conversociads©?

hipto is a pioneer in Conversociads© lead generation. We offer a unique lead generation solution that combines the power of social media audiences with innovative conversational technologies to collect as much relevant data as possible to help sales forces convert leads more easily and quickly.

The Conversociads© is based on 3 pillars: social ads, conversational, conversion.

What is the minimum and maximum volume of leads ordered?

We do not impose a minimum or maximum number of leads ordered. However, we recommend a minimum of 60 leads per order to be able to analyse the performance of the campaigns in the most optimal way. Below this threshold, it is sometimes more difficult to get reliable feedback.

How do I receive my leads?

Our experts collect premium leads via our unique LeadGen solution and ensure the transfer of these ultra qualified contacts directly into your CRM and/or by email via a file at your convenience. For more information, contact us at The delivery of your leads is done in the most optimal way to improve the exploitation of the sent file and the processing of the leads.

hipto integrates with your favourite CRM tools. To integrate your leads into your CRM, simply log in from your dashboard.

I want to request a demo, how do I do that?

To request a demo of our solution, contact us at or call us directly at +33 1 76 39 06 68. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

What does hipto do?

hipto is a start-up specialised in generating ultra-qualified, exclusive and GDPR compliant leads.


Expertise by Industry

Who are hipto leads for?

Our experts collect exclusive, ultra-qualified and GDPR compliant leads for the following industries: Insurance-Mutual, Telecommunications, Energy, Training, Construction, and many others. Our mission: to revolutionise the prospect experience through a hyper-personalisation approach to enable your sales force to convert leads easily and quickly.

My industry is not mentioned, how can I request a lead collection?

Don’t panic! Let’s discuss your lead needs! Email us at or call us directly on +33 1 76 39 06 68. Our expertise is constantly evolving and we regularly expand into new vertical industries.

Is it possible to buy leads for an industry not mentioned?

hipto collects exclusive, ultra-qualified and GDPR compliant leads for the following sectors of activity: Insurance-Mutual, Telecommunications, Energy, Construction, Training, but not only! Your industry does not appear in this list? Contact us to discuss your lead needs at



What are hipto’s rates?

We have two types of pricing :
. Performance-based pricing
. Fixed CPL pricing.

What does “performance-based” pricing mean?

We use performance-based pricing. This is a pricing method where the price paid by the client is fixed, a priori, on a result criterion. This can range from a click-through rate (the target opened the message) to a completed purchase.

What does a fixed CPL price mean?

We have a fixed CPL price per industry. To find out what our rates are, contact us at or call us directly on +33 1 76 39 06 68.

How do I refer leads?

All referrals are made through our Customer Success department:
Call us directly at +33 1 76 39 06 68 or
At your service to maximise your growth!



How does it work at hipto?

hipto requires payment for signed quotes by secure bank transfer at the beginning of the order. We do not have your bank details. All CPL prices shown are exclusive of VAT. Prices may vary but are fixed for customers once the contract is signed.

How do I pay by bank transfer?

WEEDEV’s bank details are given when you sign the contract and on each of your invoices.

Where can I find my invoices?

You will receive all your invoices by email at the address indicated on your contractual documents.


Data protection (GDPR)

Is hipto compliant with the GDPR regulation?

The hipto solution is compliant with the GDPR data protection regulations. For more information, please visit our Privacy and Data Protection Policy page (link to page)

How do we use your data?

hipto is an GDPR compliant lead generation solution. We use modern technology to retrieve contact information from the web in real time. The data collected by hipto is available on the web. hipto temporarily stores some data for the operation of its sales and marketing department. If you would like more information about our processes, please contact us:

I do not want my data to be displayed. How can I do this?

hipto respects your privacy. As a lead generation tool, hipto provides contact information. To opt out of hipto, you can send us an email directly to with the subject line “Opt-out hipto”. We assure you that your request will be processed as soon as possible.